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Yes, Outlet Covers CAN Be Safe AND Stylish

Great in ANY Space

Noticeable when you need it.
Disguised when you don’t.

Socket Shield provides a outlet cover safety solution to avoid those pesky plugs we all have experienced.

No Hassle

Removable pieces are hard to deal with, get lost easily and can be a choking hazard if found by children. Socket Shield’s inclusive design stays compact, intact and unnoticed.

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Socket Shield locks out shock by covering the entire outlet and locking in place until you need to access the outlet.

Lock Out Shock

After use, easily slide the safety door back into its locked position. No more hassle removing or replacing small safety caps.

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Socket Shield is designed to lock and protect outlets while not in use.  The key to unlock a Socket Shield is always in your hand by using any plug from vacuums, lights, phone chargers and more.

Keys You’ll Never Lose

Any standard 2- or 3-prong cord will unlock the Socket Shield safety door. No need for child safety? Socket Shield can remain “unlocked” too!

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Socket Shield outlet covers come to you from Oliver Innovations, LLC., a family-owned business in midwestern USA. Brothers Alex and Austin Oliver knew from a young age they wanted to be entrepreneurs. After years of typical brotherly love, and maybe a few knuckle sandwiches, they found
their groove as... continue reading.